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"Thieves have always strived to obtain the greatest spoils...

Our protagonist Birkle has achieved the near impossible and is now in possession of the Century Jade.

But will Birkle be able to escape the Gemstone Gauntlet and truly claim the price?"

Gemstone Gauntlet is a platformer inspired by the classic "Simon says" game.

In Gemstone Gauntlet the player will have to traverse levels filled with invisible platforms. In the beginning of each level the player will get a prompt, showing the different types of platforms the level will be made up of. The goal of the game is to complete as many levels as possible before falling to your death!

Use proper headphones when playing. The sound is quite important.

Requires controller:


Analogue - A (Xbox) / X(PS4)

We will add keyboard-controls in an post-jam build in the next few days.


Gemstone_gauntlet.zip 22 MB

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